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Author Topic: Is ESP possible?  (Read 9413 times)

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Re: Is ESP possible?
« Reply #25 on: 07/02/2013 18:50:03 »
I ordered a course on the Brain and Sensory Perception (Peter Vishton, College of William and Mary) It covers the five senses ...

Only five ?, the course must come in instalments  ...

Well, no, he did two lectures on proprioception, the sense organs in joints and muscles that tell you where your body parts are, which was very interesting. Including this fun demonstration:

Hold your right hand up as if you were swearing an oath, just out of peripheral vision, but not so high up that you can't touch it easily with your other hand. With your left index finger, touch your nose then touch your right thumb.(Don't look) Touch your nose and then touch the next finger, your nose again and the next finger and so on.

Most people are surprised to find they have a hard time doing this.

Now repeat the experiment, only this time wiggle the fingers of your right hand, and keep wiggling them continuously as you touch your nose and each finger.

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Re: Is ESP possible?
« Reply #25 on: 07/02/2013 18:50:03 »


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