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Author Topic: Has The Gravitational pull on the north and south pole changed  (Read 1422 times)

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So Ive heard That the earth's spin is slowing down and the pull on the north and south pull are changing,how true is that, also What is it doing and where is Planet X?


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The Earth's spinning is slowing down due to tidal friction. It is not really a spin, by the way, but a very slow roll -- the earth's rotation is much slower than the earth's orbital motion.

Slowing down of the Earth's spin will minutely affect the pull of gravity -- everywhere on the Earth's surface except the North and South pole.

There is no Planet X, except maybe beyond Neptune. The motions of the planets in the inner solar system are well accounted for by gravitational attractions of the known planets. There may be small discrepancies affecting Uranus and Neptune, but it is now generally believed that these are due to observational errors.
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