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Author Topic: What marks the boundary between species of pre-human?  (Read 1489 times)

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Robert Fletcher  asked the Naked Scientists:

I found that the last episode of The Naked Scientist particularly interesting in the discussions about Australopithecus sediba and I hope in forthcoming programmes we will get more information about our ancestors.

I do have a question that I have been unable to get any answer to. I did post this question on The Naked Scientist Forum but no answer came from there. What I want to know is what actually marks the boundary of species. For example we are told that Homo erectus was the ancestor to Homo sapiens. What actually marks that boundary and is it agreed upon?

From what I have read and seen of the skulls of Homo erectus in photographs, the facial features was gradually flattening to look more like Homo sapiens. Could it be therefore, that Homo sapiens is just a continuation of Homo erectus?

If you cannot answer me in an email would you be able to tell me where I can get this information from.

Hinckley Leicestershire.

What do you think?
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