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Author Topic: What percentage of eneergy is used to convert a gallon of gas to electrical ener  (Read 1520 times)

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What percentage of energy is used to convert a gallon of gas to electrical energy?  Thanks for comments.  Joe L. Ogan 


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It's a two-stage process : converting the chemical energy to kinetic, i.e. making the engine move,
then converting that motion into electricity.

The first stage has an efficiency of "25% to 30%" , the second stage at around 90%.

30% of 90% is 27% , ( i.e. majority of the chemical energy in the fuel wasted as heat and sound ).
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The overall efficiency of petrol powered IC engines tends to be about 30% but large Diesel engines such as used in ships can achieve 55% 

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Slightly meaningless calculation as calorific value is a notional figure.  It comes down to economics.  If fuel A has a low calorific value and cheap it may make more sense to it rather than use fuel B which has much higher calorific value but a lot more expensive.   

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