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Author Topic: What could cause a sudden swelling of skin on the hands and face?  (Read 3315 times)

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I have never in my life knowingly been allergic to anything, but today I woke up with a swollen lip and a swollen right hand (which was incredibly itchy). Through the day it subsided and went down, however the swollen lip has returned to the top lip and I think I may be having a reaction.

The only thing I've done different I can think of is that yesterday, I dug out some (face) moisturiser that I haven't used in many months, I put it on my face and the morning after those symptoms occurred. Not connecting the reaction with the cream, I used it again, after which my lip swelled up and my hands became itchy - again. It's worth noting that I was definitely not allergic to it when I first used it months ago.

Now, I can't be certain it's this but it's the only thing I've used recently that's different. The only thing I am questioning is why did the reaction not occur on my cheeks/face, just my lip/hands if it is this.

Assuming it is this, how is it that one can become suddenly allergic to something they have used before without any problems?
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Sometimes, repeated exposure to a certain substance (allergen) or a certain amount of it is needed for allergic reaction to occur. Swelling of the upper lip, and sometimes the skin around the eyes, hands and throat is called angioedema. This is like hives but it occurs in deeper layers of the skin, in parts of the body where the subcutaneous tissue is softer...

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... how is it that one can become suddenly allergic to something they have used before without any problems?

May be the addition of another factor like strong sunlight ... [ reaction only on sun-exposed skin ?]

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I'm fairly sure that nobody is allergic to something the first time they encounter it. The immune system has to "learn" to recognise it before it can overreact to it.

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