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Effects of Global Warming
« on: 07/08/2013 18:28:38 »
If global warming persists, many concerns are associated with the effects of increased CO2 and the presumed rise of sea levels.
However, another, often ignored effect is that upon the weather itself.   Should the world-wide temperature increase, what will happen to the weather?
One effect upon the weather should be an increase in global entropy, which should cause an increase in the variability (and unpredictability) of the weather.
The elementary math of this effect is worked out in a paper at newbielink: [nonactive] (or, newbielink: [nonactive]).
Does anyone see an alternative?


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Re: Effects of Global Warming
« Reply #1 on: 08/08/2013 18:59:58 »
If we have reached peak oil, there won't be enough oil available in the future to fuel global warming. The main problem will be dealing with the panic, wars and disasters resulting from the unavailability of oil. By focussing attention on global warming and proclaiming that all will be well if we just increase the energy taxes, the government can avert panic and divert the capital required to find a solution to paying for their own expensive energy needs. Of course, the people paying for this will be the poor, but they can console themselves that the government is saving the world. And oil will continue to be produced and consumed as normal until the day it is gone.

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Re: Effects of Global Warming
« Reply #2 on: 10/08/2013 03:18:37 »
Personally I'm not convinced that the weather will get more extreme in general, and don't believe that a simple mathematical argument will help determine the overall weather. 

One question is whether the weather will become more uniform?  For example less summer/winter difference, or less diurnal temperature change.  In that case, one might expect some weather to become less severe. 

A lot will also depend on whether there is a shift between arctic and tropical sources of weather.

As far as "Peak Energy"...  it is hard to tell.  There are many new oil reserves that are being tapped all the time.  The big question is whether humans will start to try to recover near surface methane reserves, which could be extremely large.

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Re: Effects of Global Warming
« Reply #3 on: 17/09/2013 04:27:31 »
I worked for an environmental monitoring company for 8 years. See the below links for clarification on the effects.

These events are now becoming more frequent and impacts will be less predictable.
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Re: Effects of Global Warming
« Reply #3 on: 17/09/2013 04:27:31 »


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