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Author Topic: If dreams help consolidate memories, why do they often get the facts wrong?  (Read 1252 times)

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If dreams help consolidate memories, and perhaps even help with problem solving, then why do they often get the facts so wrong?

I usually don't remember dreams, but the other day I was thinking of a plumbing project of mine, but all the connections in the dream were so jumbled that they wouldn't hardly be recognizable. 

Sometimes it is helpful to "think outside of the box", but usually one can't redefine the box.


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Isn't the point of dreams to practice eventualities from the safety of your brain?

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I've also in seen studies in the news linking dreaming to the consolidation of memories, and that people who slept and dreamed about a task, performed better afterwards.

One researcher named Strickland says "We're not saying that when you learn something it is dreaming that causes you to remember it," he adds. "Rather, it appears that when you have a new experience it sets in motion a series of parallel events that allow the brain to consolidate and process memories."

I take this to mean that the part of the brain that stitches together the bizarre and often inaccurate narrative involving that task in your dream is not the same part of the brain that is consolidating the memory of the task you learned during the day, but if one happens, the other is more likely to happen as well. I think it's more correlation than causation. Although, perhaps something going on subconsciously with the hippo-campus (or whatever structures are involved) "spills over" into the dream, but that is admittedly a sloppy explanation on my part.

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