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Author Topic: Is the range of a remote control extended by holding it under your chin?  (Read 3215 times)

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There was this odd tip on facebook that said putting a car or tv remote under your chin and opening your mouth will extend its range. Is that true, and why? Am I gullible?
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Re: Extending the range of a remote control
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You could try it and let us know what you find  ;D

Most TV remotes use IR, and require direct line of sight between the transmitter and receiver. 

I find it doubtful that your chin trick will do much.  However, gaining elevation over using it at lap level may help a bit if there are potential obstructions.

Presumably the LED could be focused better to extend range, but that would also require one to point it directly at the receiver.

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Extending the range of a car unlocking remote control by holding in a certain position works because of at the relatively long wave length at which these devices work (about 0.6m ) configuring the body in certain ways make it act as an improved antenna.
Remote controls for TV,s etc Work in the infra red range about 1 micro meter so such considerations are not relevant   
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It might work over twice the usual distance if you have a double chin.

............ Am I gullible?

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