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« Reply #25 on: 20/03/2014 20:51:55 »
The only thing doubled* in your original cine film image is its height,
 which is corrected by a special projection lens  ...

see ...

[ * actually a bit more than doubled : 2.4x ]

How duplicated colour in the film before:


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« Reply #26 on: 22/03/2014 08:26:48 »
The fith state of matter is the Bose Einstine condensate (B.E.C.) but it's more like the first state of matter because it is the state of matter with less energy then solids.

  | -BEC
  |      -Solid
  |      -Liquid
  |      -Gas
  |      -Plasma

The beck state has remarkable properties, you should look into it, as for fire, fire is technically a plasma because it's an ionized gas but it's charge density is very weak so it's more like a mix between a gas and plasma like slushiees are a mix between solid and liquid. The bec state can be in-between states as well, we call these states superconductors and superfluids (which we know exist) and perhaps super gas and plasma too. That's matter, light is not matter so it isnt really a state of matter, instead light is a state of energy, like gravity, kinetic, charge, magnetism, sound, heat and vibration.

this is what the bec state looks like.

it's hard to make very much of this stuff because of how cold you have to get stuff, you need special cold laser array to get all the vibrational heat energy out of the the matter to archive this state.  Right on the thresh hold of absolute zero. it's one of the only "quantum states" materials can obtain. which is the root of it's weird behavior.

But I am interested in what you say about color, when you shine light on an object it reflects color and absorbs it, black objects are the result of all light hitting it getting absorbed and getting transformed into heat so black is the absence of color because the light was transformed to heat and that light never reaches our eyes. white light is all colors in the EM spectrum are out together, some objects reflect some colors and absorbs others.

when white light hits an object some colors if not all colors are reflected or absorbed the combination of these 2 interactions of light and matter give you the objects color.
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