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Author Topic: Why does my stomach rumble and growl, constantly?  (Read 196335 times)

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Re: Constantly Growling Stomach
« Reply #25 on: 31/08/2006 23:03:57 »
Hi Sammy!  I'm taking some enzymes I got off the web, because they are stronger than the capsules you can get at the market.  You CAN get a perfectly acceptable enzyme supplement at GNC or other health store, but you have to take many more of them to get the same dosage as I get in one capsule of Elite-Zyme Pro from a company called Thropps.  I can’t give you a link to their site because we’re not allowed to link to advertising on this forum, but if you do a search on the product name, the site will come up.  (Hey, moderators, is it okay to recommend a product?)

I have not cut out wheat (although that was going to be my next step,) and have not made any particular changes to my diet since starting the enzymes.  I am restricting my over-all calorie intake to lose weight, but that is all.  Remember, please, that my stomach still growls when I am actually hungry.  These enzymes don’t do anything to curb hunger, they only make all the “extra” growling go away (for me anyway.)

Although I am convinced that these enzymes are beneficial for almost everybody, I’d STRONGLY recommend you read all of the information on the website and discuss the matter with your parents before jumping into anything.  Also, read all of the instructions for the product.  When you take the capsules is a very important factor in getting the best results.

Good Luck!!


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Re: Constantly Growling Stomach
« Reply #25 on: 31/08/2006 23:03:57 »


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