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Author Topic: Can a bloated whale carcass actually threaten an entire town?  (Read 3601 times)

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Even a small, Canadian one?   How much damage can an exploding whale do? Or is just really gross? Has anyone actually been killed by exploding marine life?
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... How much damage can an exploding whale do?

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Ok, so the dynamite that they used here in Oregon probably should be passed on. 

As far as impact from the shockwave from a natural explosion...  I doubt it would be too much.  Perhaps a few broken windows in the nearest house.  And, anybody looking at it from the walkway at the time of the explosion may wish it had been a pet skunk.

As a natural process, it shouldn't hurt the environment much, and one may get to see quite a bit of wildlife around it. 

The biggest problem is that if left to decay on its own, it might be a stinky, smelly mess that could endure for months, or perhaps years.  The novelty may be great for tourism now, but once it bursts, and gets some scavengers starting chewing up the flesh, the novelty will soon wear off.

As far as what to do with it?  It may be able to be refloated at high tide, but one may risk tearing it up with an attempt to drag it out to sea.  But, rather than using a large ship, I think I'd attempt to tow it with a large tug (or two).  Once floating, it wouldn't need to be carried.

I presume most whale rendering plants are long closed.  Have any been converted to museums?  Perhaps the carcass could be sold. 

The skeleton may have some value for a museum, if one could just get it cleaned.

Of course, the best thing might be to ship it to be left on one's favorite politician's doorstep.

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