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Author Topic: QotW - 14.04.28 - Why do I feel tired and bored in the office?  (Read 10870 times)

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Why do I feel bored and tired and struggle to concentrate when I'm in the office but don't feel like this at the weekend?

Asked by Justin

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Perhaps you're not taking enough fluids during your day at the office and become mildly dehydrated as the day progresses, which makes you feel tired, with a slight headache and an increased difficulty to concentrate and focus on your job. Air conditioning puts an added strain on your hydration levels.

I used to get very tired during the work day, so tired that by 6PM I had to lie down for 15m and sometimes even nap a little. One day I found out that two glasses of water would bring my energy back to 9AM levels in 5'. Extreme tiredness was the only symptom I had of dehydration.

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Because (at least in your opinion) your job is not worth doing.

It's interesting to note that selfemployed people take far less sick leave for colds, general aches and pains, and stress-related problems, than employees. This doesn't apply, of course, to traumatic injury since builders, roofers and suchlike tend to be selfemployed in genuinely high-risk occupations, but you don't meet many windowcleaners or scientific consultants who complain of boredom. Not being in control of the quantity or quality of your work is a great demotivator.   
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Yes! Find a job you love is the best advice. Consider what motivates you  , your values, which skills you love using best. Maybe consider a more active job too. Sitting at a desk all day every day , being constrained can be difficult to maintain. Easy to nod off especially if you have a slow metabolism. ( probably why there are so many people carrying extra weight too- a static life !) One tip I am now employing is to walk and talk rather than to sit round a table. Stroll round the block and take in your surroundings at a leisurely pace.

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Because you are ?

Only you can know why your're tired. Late nights? Early mornings?
Boredom is boredom. It means you are disinterested in what you're doing.
If it's a job you have been doing for a long time it may just be that you have lost interest and/or are burnt out. It may lead to depression if you don't deal with it.
I used to love my job as a software developer but I hit the wall and now hate it. Too much of good thing makes it boring and then you're in trouble if you don't do something about it.

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If your mind is not challenged or being worked out... You will be bored.. figuring out problems may feel stressful at times.. but once you figure it out.. you get that sense of accomplishment.. Video games can give you the feeling of accomplishment as well.. thats why they are so addicting and keep you awake for hours.. If you divert that kind of idea in work.. it wouldnt feel the same because video games are designed to give you a good balance of stress, accomplishment and learning.... thats why pushing through very stressful problems at work feels VERY accomplishing but is harder to get.

If you in a comfortable everyday routine there is no stress and no accomplishment feeling. That will make you tired. and bored. YOu need accomplishments that you dont get as often.

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Light has some to do with it, sleeping patterns, your enthusiasm for whatever you're doing, as compared to what you do outside of work, added with just a pinch of natural 'life angst', sort of?

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Replace your boss.

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