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Author Topic: Why is pedalling faster easier?  (Read 2156 times)

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Why is pedalling faster easier?
« on: 08/07/2014 17:57:10 »
Certain cyclists, like climbers, train to pedal at higher speeds, especially uphill. But why is this actually easier?
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Re: Why is pedalling faster easier?
« Reply #1 on: 09/07/2014 07:14:35 »
I truly believe that different people have different groups of fast and slow twitch muscles. 

At my "peak", I had troubles breaking a 6 minute mile running, and it got much slower when I ran 10+ miles. 

As far as my bicycle, I've never been comfortable "spinning".  Perhaps it is something I could train my body to do.  However I can pump the larger gears all day, but get wiped out in a few minutes spinning.  I'm wondering if that is related to my running/jogging always being a bit slower than everyone else.

Now, it could be a training thing.  I tend to default back to a comfortable pace.  So, if I put my bike in an easier gear, I keep about the same RPM at the cranks, and just go slower.  When I hit the harder gears, I keep the same RPM, but have to work harder, and thus go faster, and also get a lot more exercise, and eventually get stronger.

I have some major gearing changes planned for the next month or so.  I don't have my speedometer on my bike now, but may put one one shortly, at least for curiosity.  We'll see if I can start breaking 20 MPH...  25?  once I get the new wheels built.  At least for a few miles, or perhaps more.

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Re: Why is pedalling faster easier?
« Reply #2 on: 04/05/2015 23:50:39 »
It seems fast pedalling has something so see with energy saving. Scientist have worked on that topic and came out with that conclusion! See newbielink: [nonactive]

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Re: Why is pedalling faster easier?
« Reply #3 on: 05/05/2015 00:23:44 »
Weightlifters and sprinters develop thick muscles to provide maximum force for a short period of anaerobic and unreplenished exercise. Walkers and marathon runners tend to be skinny to maximise heat dissipation during long periods of aerobic, replenished exercise. Distance cycling is definitely aerobic and replenished so the optimum musculature is on the skinny side. To develop the same power (force x distance per unit time) a thin muscle (less maximum thrust) has to move faster than a thick one. Optimum gearing is matched to each rider's power/weight ratio so distance cyclists may have a faster cadence than sprinters of the same weight.

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Re: Why is pedalling faster easier?
« Reply #3 on: 05/05/2015 00:23:44 »


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