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Re: Bohr model of the atom:
« Reply #25 on: 02/03/2016 08:34:11 »
Firstly, let me say that I truly do  appreciate, the attempts made by the members of nakedscientists science forums,  who have replied to this post, to try and persuade me of the errors of my ways. This is in no way a snide remark, I truly do appreciate the very real attempts that have been made to explain the QM view point, such as it is. My point is WHY do they insist on seeing only their view of things while completely ignoring   the very logical and fair minded objections to QM that have been made?  The new theory put forward by myself as an alternate theory is well supported by logic, commonsense and experience! Every time a person goes to the dentist to clean his teeth, he is seeing an alternative to the wave-particle duality (either one or the other but never both at the same time)  theory advocated by QM. Every time a patient is admitted to have lithotripsy performed, he/she is again witnessing a phenomena where a purely wave phenomena (sound) is behaving like a particle (i.e., being used to shatter solid objects.).  The point is that there is no science as beautiful as quantum mechanics WHEN its proofs and theories are derived empirically. The structure of the atom, the energies of the various levels such as rydberg, lyman and balmer series, the structure of the nucleus. The exchange of virtual particles derived empirically through experiment etc., are all so luminously beautiful that there can be no question of their value. It is the other side of QM, which is based almost solely on the wave-particle duality as envisioned by complementarity theory ( which is as good as a fortune teller looking at your palm as far as being empirically derived goes and has no basis in anything physical, it is an idea not a fact. ) has resulted in the most colossal and bloated theory. Please remember that the Gestalt Aether Theory proposed by myself uses an electromagnetic medium to explain gravity and EM propagation.
Lastly coming back to the question of dimensions and schrodinger's wave theory:
One of the main reasons why the wave function in current quantum physics has to be considered fictional is because it is expressed by the resultant of many sub-wave functions representing probabilities or attributes of entities of the natural world in the form of respective orthogonals. These orthogonals are dimensions and may be great in number.
So QM is a hugely bloated theory depending for a great part on mumbo jumbo like statements and archaic ideas. For instance QM directly adopts the more than 400 year old Huygens theory of propagation (complete with the maths) almost whole sale with very few changes, perturbations, hamiltonians etc., without addressing the main fault in Huygens theory. If every point on an EM wave results in a new centre of propagation (i.e., perturbation through an isotropic  medium) how is it that QM waves travel only in the forward direction. They should travel in a backward direction too!
Nota bene: My theory Gestalt Aether Theory does not depend on tired old paradigms and theories, it breaks new ground and puts forward new theories that are in keeping with all known evidence, including an explanation of why EM waves travel only in the forward direction. This what QM should have done instead of making totally unsupported  claims to be a radical new science, putting forward theories of disembodiment, being in two places at once, having cognition etc.,.
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Re: Bohr model of the atom:
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