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Author Topic: If I run at 10km per hour inside a plane traveling at 800km an hour what speed am I moving at?  (Read 2070 times)

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Chris Grieshaber asked the Naked Scientists:
If I run at 10km per hour inside a plane traveling at 800km an hour what speed am I moving at?

What do you think?
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In Physics, you always need to measure speed relative to some "Frame of Reference".

There is no "Perfect" frame of reference, so all of the following answers are equally correct:
  • as seen by someone standing on the ground, you are traveling at 810 kph across the sky.
  • as seen by to someone sitting on the plane, you are traveling at 10 kph down the aisle.
  • as seen by the mobile phone in your pocket, you are effectively stationary.
  • as seen by someone standing on Pluto, you are traveling at 100000 kph around the Sun.

The idea that there is no "right" answer was a bit of a shock to some people when Einstein introduced his theory of relativity.

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Of course, one should use the relativistic velocity addition formula to answer your question, but at the low speeds (compared to the speed of light) you mention, the difference would be negligible.

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Can I just say that 800 kph has one significant figure....  (although it is one of those ambiguous numbers).

So, you're still traveling 800 kph  :)

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It all depends upon the forces acting on the plane. In a severely time dilated field both the runner and the plane would appear to be traveling faster than would be apparent to a distant observer. Simply because while the object has a specific velocity as viewed remotely time for the passengers has slowed so the relationship between perceived distance traveled over time taken has changed.

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