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Author Topic: Areanitrate crystals  (Read 3512 times)

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Areanitrate crystals
« on: 24/09/2006 15:24:29 »
Here is a littte explosives to try out on trees and what ever u wanta blow up, weather it be a tree or building, or car,,,,,,,,,,,,

take 12 cups urin, (human or animal)
1 cup of boric acid
1 glass jar
1 100% cotton rag, shirt ect.
1 rubber band

take the 12 cups of urin and the 1 cup of boric acid and put in a pan and put on fire, bring it to a boil for 15

put the rag or shirt over the top of the jar, secrue it with the rubber band, then pour the contents u just boiled through the rag and what u will find is a bunch of crystels left on top of the rag, that is the areanitrate crystals,,,,,,,,,, ( can be very unstable in the write circume stances)

i got this reicipe outta abook i got called ( special forces improviesed weapons and ammunitions )

repeat the prossece over again untill u got enough to do what it u wanta do with it, the more u got the more powerfull the explotion will be,
(this is easly detonated by a firecracker or m80, but like i said this is a very unstable explosive)

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Re: Areanitrate crystals
« Reply #1 on: 24/09/2006 15:34:47 »
I don't think you can have urea nitrate from urea and boric acid, maybe urea borate...

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Re: Areanitrate crystals
« Reply #2 on: 25/09/2006 16:11:41 »
are you sure this is the best thing to post on this site?  An explosive that powerful and dangerous is very bad thing for a kid just over 13 to have (And I can name a few).

Blowing up trees: may start a really bad fire.  Blowing up car, will get you grounded or sued, same with house.  

If I had this explosive and wanted to blow it up, I'd take it to the desert and blow up a bunch of bottles. *has sudden idea, gathers bottles and starts peeing in bottles*


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Re: Areanitrate crystals
« Reply #2 on: 25/09/2006 16:11:41 »


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