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Author Topic: Does Einstein's equation E=MC^2 negate the idea of no travel faster than light?  (Read 8227 times)

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What If "M" could be made to be zero or less then zero then you could faster then light with no problems.

negative matter is something of a myth but at one point antimatter was too so don't think it's impossible.

Reduction of a single particle's mass simply means a reduction of that particles interaction with space time (decrease of that particle's gravitational field).  An electron and a proton might be the same size but have different mass because of their interaction with the fabric space time is different, if you could change your particles interaction with space time then you could become heavy or lite without gaining or loosing particles

That's were you end up in the taboo subject of anti-gravity or gravity modification, if you could reduce a particle's gravitational field then you could reduce "M" in the E=MC2 meaning that you would need less energy to get closer to light speed.

If M was zero then you would go light speed. If M was a negative number then you would be able to go faster then light
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Quote from: ScientificSorcerer
What If "M" could be made to be zero or less then zero then you could faster then light with no problems.
That means that you'd have to change what you are because its humans that he wants to travel that fast. And besides, there's nothing in nature that we've observed that behaves that way. Where would you find such matter and how would you control it when you do?

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Just create a boost in angular momentum. That is spin things very fast. This alters the rate of change and the effect of gravitation.

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May I point out it is not called the realitiviy theorie for notting It means you do not have to travel a distanse so of course you can go faster then light but faster is relative ;D I Mean try messering inside timespacematter not outside so light is not the subject I think you could proberly project your matter everywhere in timespacematter but you need to know where you want to aprear instantly so speed has no limed. We have limitations but we can overcome them where trough the light is traveling is the subject. It only states the universe is constant matter is just a small part of that. You have to create a new formula to beypass this one. What reality is tomorow is not the reality today the universe is growing creating if you want you may help it or mabee you are already. You are made outof matter and darkmatter so is your brain so dont limit yourself by compairing yourself with light or the good and the bad. Thats relative also depense on how you ask! ;)  TO give a more direct answer to your question without knowing or reading the formula light or matter can not travel faster the light by it self but with the use of blackmatter It can so I Think the formula is wright!
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Scientists can now “squeeze” light, a breakthrough that could make computers millions of times faster 

Perhaps light (C) being squared isn't so far off as I proposed!  Google for the full story. 

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