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Author Topic: What are your thoughts on the philosipher's stone?  (Read 1302 times)

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The stone which is like the holy grail of chemistry and material science.

The legendary wizard rock!  A stone which could turn one element into another, the stone which is said to contain incredible energy and much much more.

It's not supposed to be a naturally forming rock, It's supposed to be a synthetic crystal who's color is supposed to be blood red.  But I don't think that's what a philosopher stone was, I think it was a naturally occurring unstable element.

I know this is a science form and not a magic one but hear me out.  The art of transmutation is real, we call it nuclear physics today.  There are materials which trans-mutate into other elements and materials which can make stable elements trans-mutate.

In fact I would say based on the description of the philosopher's stone that the stone is a neutron emitting crystal which would have the power to convert lead into gold via neutron capture and beta decay.

it would not surprise me if medieval humans conducted crude nuclear physics experiments with naturally occurring radioactive elements.  For example, uranium is mined in some parts of Europe, what if some medieval people came across some of that stuff and thought it was magical? similar illogical reasoning was used when magnetite was discovered in the distant past.  Imagine what people in those days would think if people were mysteriously killed, burned or made very sick after being exposed to the these kinds of stones for long periods, unknowingly receiving lethal amounts of radiation and saying that it was do to the "magical effects of the stone/crystal".

But that's just my thoughts on the subject.

What do you think?
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