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the Simple Universe
« on: 30/04/2015 07:00:57 »

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  So where to start? Should I start at the Big bang sometimes called the big Tear?
 This model allows me to reach into the past to a point in the history of the universe when there was only empty space.

The second thing to consider is the fact that our Universe has a strong negative charge bias.
This bias is the reason our universe formed the way it is.

With the electron dominating the universe it was able to form atom of hydrogen.

If for example all charges were equal then half the atom in the universe would have Electron in their atomic shells and the other half would have positron.

This is the matter anti matter scientist talk about.

This position would lead to chaos for when two atom of opposite charge meet they would annihilate each other.

In these conditions it is very unlikely that the universe would form.

So any hypothesis related to the formation of our universe has to provide for this  strong negative  charge bias.


          So here is my hypothesis on how the universe
                                  and everything in it formed.

This hypothesis starts at the point when for some reason yet to be determined a tiny point like fluctuation occurred in empty space.

This sub microscopic fluctuation produced a tiny amount of pure energy.

 How small,  the smallest particle discovered is called a neutrino.

The neutrino is now thought to possibly be made of  2 or 3 smaller  entities. 

This point like particle fluctuation is a tiny fraction maybe a 10h or less the size of  one of these entities, perhaps even the singularity.

Space is a concept that has no beginning and no end everything in space is moving.

All entities whether they are a tiny piece of pure energy concentrated at a point in space or a galaxy or even a universe are moving through space.

Whether this tiny point like particle was given a kick to light speed from the fluctuation that formed it, or this point particle gradually attained light speed, a velocity  close to the speed of light was reached.

So this tiny sub microscopic piece of pure energy moving at light speed through space produced ever increasing amounts of pure energy  mass by the combination of light speed velocity and friction?
This accumulating pure energy mass formed into a string.

What would pure energy strings look like?

We are fortunate that energy resembling very large pure energy strings form in our atmosphere constantly.
Page 3

 This energy is called lightning.

A close up view of a lightning bolt reveals a picture of a central core of pure energy with many large and small twig like protrusion.

Each twig protrusion is covered in smaller protrusions which are also covered in ever smaller protrusions down to microscopic scale where these protrusions look like they are completely covered in small hairs.

So a lightning bolt provides a perfect example of large pure energy strings.

The tiny pure energy strings  created from the original fluctuation also have many twigs and branches and would be hairy resembling something like angora knitting wool which produce those brushed wool type garments.(but at a sub microscopic scale)

This branching hairy nature of pure energy strings allowed opposite charge to sit like fingers close together without touching.
This is the reason they are able to produce mass.
Scientist at Cern-in Switzerland believe they have discovered the particle they believe carries mass called the Higgs bosun.
However they quickly realised that this is not the whole picture.

So my model which states that mass is a product of both positive and negative static electrical fields still holds.

Page 4
                           TITAN Particles
Returning to the accumulating pure energy which formed a sub atomic string.
At some point this string structure began to wind up into a spiral shape on a flat plane like a coil spring and forming what I Call a Titan particle.

When the spiral shaped coil  Titan entity had stopped forming a second spiral shaped string entity began to grow, by forming an exact clone  on top of the first.
When an exact copy had been formed the two particles began to push apart
by the force of same charge rejection.

As soon as a small gap appeared at the centre between the two equal stacked spiral shaped layers, same charge electrical rejection pushed them apart.
The separating of the two layers created a type of sucking effect  which pulled the tiny original pure energy seed  that was part of but until now not attached to the bottom layer creating a surge of electrical energy.

This pushed the two layers apart violently flipping the top spiral shaped  particle over.
 This created two spiral shaped, flat coil spring entities.
 With one spiral coil  wound clockwise, and the other spiral coil counter clockwise creating one with positive electrical energy, and the other with negative electrical energy.

The small original seed is absorbed into the negative electrical energy particle creating a slight negative charge advantage.
These are the Titan  particles.which are covered in hair like protrusions

Drawing A
 Page 5
These two seemingly unimportant happenings created not only positive and negative charges but also gave the negative charge a slight energy advantage which laid the foundation for our universe to form.

Over the next countless billions of trillions of years the two opposite sets of mother spiral coil spring shaped, string particles plus all their daughter  spiral particles moving through space at near light speed continuously made clones of themselves.
As an infinite number of these  cloned spiral coil spring shaped sub atomic particles formed they arranged themselves in a grid pattern.
Controlled by the  combined forces of opposite charge electrical attraction and  same charge electrical rejection.
Drawing B
This controlled assembly created a structure like fine wire mesh netting.
( similar to  the netting used to make  bird aviary or bird cages but sub microscopic)

Reaching to near infinity in every direction on a flat plane and building layer upon layer at ninety degrees to the flat plane to also reach toward  near infinity thick.
 Drawing C
The additional electrical energy given to the negative Titan particle spread any two such particles further apart than their positive Titan particle entities this created a diamond shape to the wire netting like structure.
When this fine wire netting like structure formed from the spiral shaped    Titan   particles  had reached to near infinity in all directions the stage  was set for the Big Bang / Big Tear to take place.
This model provides an understood reason for the existence of the fabric of space,dark matter  (which is also believed to be  made of Majorana particles) and dark energy and gives a credible reason for the continuing and accelerating expansion of the universe 

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Re: the Simple Universe
« Reply #1 on: 30/04/2015 08:28:54 »
Even 2, Welcome to new theory forum!

i am interested to learn more about it.

please share it with me.

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Re: the Simple Universe
« Reply #2 on: 30/04/2015 10:03:11 »
You need another name for your particles. Prions are proteins responsible for diseases such as BSE and CJD.

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Re: the Simple Universe
« Reply #3 on: 30/04/2015 23:04:43 »
Prion particle.My understanding is that the name prion was given to the 2 or perhaps 3 particles that inhabit the neutrino.

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Re: the Simple Universe
« Reply #4 on: 30/04/2015 23:10:57 »
Jccc.I have been trying to post the full version unfortunately the format is to large for this site.
So i will need to redo.
If you are interested i could Email to you.

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Re: the Simple Universe
« Reply #5 on: 30/04/2015 23:16:45 »
Prion particle.My understanding is that the name prion was given to the 2 or perhaps 3 particles that inhabit the neutrino.
I believe you're thinking about the "Pion". Short for pi-meson. Each pion consisting of a quark and a anti quark.

Quarks and electrons are entirely different particles. The electron is a lepton so how do you get the pions, "pi-mesons", which are quarks, to change into electrons? Show us your evidence.
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Re: the Simple Universe
« Reply #6 on: 01/05/2015 07:26:51 »
Accelerated to light speed the particle began to accumulate mass.

Accelerated by what? There is nothing else around, by definition.

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Re: the Simple Universe
« Reply #7 on: 01/05/2015 07:39:19 »
Prion particle.My understanding is that the name prion was given to the 2 or perhaps 3 particles that inhabit the neutrino.
The neutrino is an elementary point particle with no internal structure and as such doesn't contain any other particles. Therefore your proposition the 2 or perhaps 3 particles that inhabit the neutrino is incorrect.

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Re: the Simple Universe
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