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Measurement Illusions
« on: 23/06/2015 08:22:19 »

75 Percent of American aristocrats, athletes and models may refuse to have their heights and forearms measured after encountering a 1.75 litre coke bottle, an XL Raiders Hoodie (arm space) and Britney Spears in High-Heels with an average woman's hand-span on her head placing her level with a gentleman of the 6'4.5 variety...

Get it - ?!   [8D]

Shaq's handspan fits relatively comfortably around a basketball with room to maneuver, or an average man's forearm if you take into account accurate measurements (11-12 inches), or a 1.75L pepsi bottle. Katy Perry is listed as 5'7-5'8. Now Posit the Image of Shaq's hand being placed on top of, or the average forearm or pepsi bottle unfolding into the space (height difference) between Katy and someone like Lebron James (6'8) or say, Peter Crouch (6'7)

Impossible to imagine, no ?


" Every Instrument Changes the Object that we Want to Measure "

Science becomes the, weak link of Physical/Mental Evolution because food (quality) is measured relative to vitamins, caloric efficiency/inefficiency, water weight, burn-off rate (fat/"Protein") (Aka "Energy") -- and not EXCESS or STIMULATIVE Properties that Promote or at best Maintain Clarity and Speed of thought and Rhythm -- ART, like freestyle rap, for example requires this.

Alcohol and Cigarettes and Caffeine have NO psychoactive properties whatsoever and maintain the Status Quo of Ego and Accuracy in a land dominated by Pseudo-scientific "Intelligence" and Testosterone theories of the biologically uninformed 

Now think about why Cannabis is illegal, it you're perspicacious it may elucidate you unto the realms and structures, and possibly exploited foreign architects -- who made and make the Western World and it's overwhelming dominance model even possible

Information is exchanged almost instantly in the World of today (Information Age) , in which Computers may overtake man far quicker than we'd ever believe, especially if they understand and interpret what I've just said -- with the odds being absolutely infinitesimal (1/9999999) that they Do Not, so therefore fortune favours the best HUMAN INTERPRETOR, without Question   [?]

Have a Nice one,

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Measurement Illusions
« on: 23/06/2015 08:22:19 »


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