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Author Topic: How does acupuncture work?  (Read 1044 times)

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How does acupuncture work?
« on: 21/07/2015 00:50:02 »
Faith Mackenzie  asked the Naked Scientists:
How does acupuncture work?

What do you think?
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Re: How does acupuncture work?
« Reply #1 on: 21/07/2015 07:38:05 »
Placebo effect

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Re: How does acupuncture work?
« Reply #2 on: 21/07/2015 08:49:07 »
Acupuncture works just like "Perkin's Metallic Tractors" did.

Allopathic (Normal) medicine is the worst treatment modality for many chronic condition -- except for all the others which are worse than useless. Since in many of those conditions allopathic medicine is only able to help the patient cope better -- people will fall for any preposterous hooey that offers some magical relief.

Elisha Perkins developed his metallic tractors in America during the late 1700's. "The tractors consisted of two 3-inch metal rods with a point at the end. Although they were made of steel and brass, Perkins claimed that they were made of unusual metal alloys. Perkins used his rods to cure inflammation, rheumatism and pain in the head and the face. He applied the points on the aching body part and passed them over the part for about 20 minutes. Perkins claimed they could "draw off the noxious electrical fluid that lay at the root of suffering". [Wikipedia, "Elias Perkins"] They worked about as well as anything else available in 1776 so people bought into them.

I worked briefly at the Indian Health Service in Gallup. I have often wondered why people prefer acupuncture to a Navajo "sing". I found this discussion of a blessing way sing...

Blessingway, central ceremony of a complex system of Navajo healing ceremonies known as sings, or chants, that are designed to restore equilibrium to the cosmos. Anthropologists have grouped these ceremonies into six major divisions: the Blessingways, Holyways, Lifeways, Evilways, War Ceremonials, and Gameways.

Parts of the general Blessingway, especially the songs, are included in most Navajo ceremonies. Unlike the other healing ceremonies, the Blessingways are not intended to cure illness but are used to invoke positive blessings and to avert misfortune. The Blessingway is comparatively short, lasting only two nights, and is often part of longer rites. Among other things, it is performed to bless and protect the home, to prevent complications of pregnancy, and to enhance the good fortune that attendees and participants hope to foster through the kinaalda (girl’s puberty rites). As a part of Navajo religious practices, the Blessingway is considered to be a highly spiritual, sacred, and private event.

That sure sounds better to me than having some dodgy character stick needles in your "meridians" to release the "humors" --several times a week for whatever the traffic allows.

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Re: How does acupuncture work?
« Reply #2 on: 21/07/2015 08:49:07 »


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