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Author Topic: How are water and organic materials partners in life?  (Read 5552 times)

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Re: How are water and organic materials partners in life?
« Reply #25 on: 17/03/2016 18:17:45 »
The partnership of water and organics in life is connected to hydrogen bonding, especially in water. Anything dissolved in water or in surface contact with water, will impact the hydrogen bonding of bulk water. The degree of residual hydrating power in the water, after things are added, is called activity which is defines as 1.0 for pure water. As we add things to the water, the activity of the water will decrease. This change in activity of the water, both locally (local material) and globally (summation), allows the water to control and coordinate enzyme shapes and kinetics.

Is quantum delocalization of protons in hydrogen bond network contributing to synaptic quantum tunnelling?

Quote from: puppypower
Movement of signals in water is super fast, since it can be transmitted as energy signals through the binary switches of the hydrogen bonds. No hydrogen bonds ever has to break. This is really slick since the activity; hydration, gradients can stay very tight, while information is being moved around the cell. Water can also use quantum tunneling, if need be, to transmit information and activity changes, across barriers. Membranes pose little problem, but can be used for some time delay features.

How synaptic quantum tunnelling transmit energy across membranes?
Is synaptic exocytosis a feature of quantum coherence? Atomic water channels in microtubules nanotubes are required for synaptic exocytosis. Does the release of serotonin/dopamine enhance quantum delocalization of protons?

Superpemittivity of synaptic quantum tunnelling

Is conscious states modulation facilitated by atomic water channel activity in microtubules? Nanoconfined water activity in hydrogen bond network may generate supramolecular influence on consciousness. Is cannabinoids reacting with nanoconfined water to facilitate protons delocalization?
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Re: How are water and organic materials partners in life?
« Reply #25 on: 17/03/2016 18:17:45 »


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