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Author Topic: A history and an archaelology.The Sphinx.The skeletons of medieval kings..  (Read 4552 times)

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Some questions about a history and an archaelology..
What is an age of the Egyptian Sphinx?

Is it possible for historical science to determine the exact historical date of a death of  medieval noble  persons and kings  (a year, a month, and  a day of a death) by a research of the skeletons of the medieval  noble  persons and  kings ?

Are there any  danger for scientists from skeletons of  medieval noble persons and kings  did die  from a plague or any other mortal diseases?


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Unless you are very lucky and the body shows dust inhaled from a volcano that has a recorded date or something similar there is always going to be an error in the result you get. This error is dependent on many things, with carbon dateing it is a few percent of what you are measuring plus a few decades, so it will tell you that the body is from the right period, but not exactly when it died.

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It is possible for historical methods - birth records, death records, letters, wars all the other things that are history, to give accurate dates for medieval  noble  persons and  kings. For example, King Harold  II died on October 14, 1066 at the Battle of Hastings.

(See, we Yanks know a little about British history.)


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could be they did analyze paint on the walls in some tombs and find it had old virus' within it. if you open an old tomb thats been sealed for years bacteria could have survived. so be careful you might never know if there is or isnt.
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