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Re: Teleportation
« Reply #25 on: 02/05/2004 15:19:36 »
1,000 YEARS!!!! look back 1000 years ago, our technology now would be considered magic to people a 1000 years ago, or even a few hundred.

wOw the world spins?

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Re: Teleportation
« Reply #26 on: 02/05/2004 16:10:07 »
Yep...agree could almost imagine that 1000 or 2000 years ago people may have thought they were witnessing miraculous events....uh oh !!...hmmm...makes you think doesn't it ?

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Re: Teleportation
« Reply #27 on: 02/05/2004 17:01:04 »
"The Science of Star Trek" is written by Lawrence Krauss of Berkeley I believe.

The Uncertainty principle is even simplier than the previous attempt at explaination: To know the position and velocity of a particle you need to detect it. In detecting it you have to bounce of photon off of it. Bouncing a photon off of another photon would change its velocity. The more accuratly you know one, the less accurately you know the other...

Anyway, I believe in Star Trek they use hiesenburg compensators, which probably calculate the effect of bouncing photons off of the test particle and iterating back to the original velocity and position....

p.s. I believe the comment about "why would you want to speed up the universe" as made in reference to model if the usinvers, rather than the univserse itself. As it is at the moment we have a fairly good model of the universe anyway...

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Re: Teleportation
« Reply #27 on: 02/05/2004 17:01:04 »


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