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Author Topic: If neutrinos are found to be massless, does this undermine the standard model?  (Read 847 times)


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It has been found that neutrinos are not massless. Will this fact lead to the demise of the Standard Model of Particle Physics??
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It might lead to an enhancement of the Standard Model, perhaps the addition of a mechanism that would give neutrinos mass.

There are a number of theories about how this might be done, once we know more about neutrinos. But their ghostly character makes it hard to study them in detail. For example, it is not known at this time if the neutrino is its own anti-particle, or if right-handed neutrinos have the same masses as left-handed neutrinos.

Depending on the answers to these fundamental questions about neutrinos, this may add some new particle characteristics into our expanding particle zoo.


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I suspect that the answer would be essentially "The standard model is dead; long live the standard model".

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