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Author Topic: Does Bluetooth or the new bone conduction headphones cause any harm?  (Read 823 times)

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I would like to know if the Bluetooth or the new bone conduction headphones such as aftershokz brand can cause any harm such as cancer or any other damage when used for long hours. Is the Bluetooth generally has a harmful effect on health?


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Quote from: pharmacist2030
Does Bluetooth generally have a harmful effect on health?
The most likely effect of Bluetooth on health would be heating of body tissues.

Bluetooth has a very low power, resulting in a very short range, so the amount of heating is far less than the heating caused by standing in the Sun, and much less than the heat produced by your body as part of its normal metabolism.

Bluetooth has the advantage that it's microwave photons are not powerful enough to break the bonds of DNA, unlike the ultraviolet in sunlight.

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