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Author Topic: Is life in this Universe a one-off occurrence?  (Read 4682 times)


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Re: Is life in this Universe a one-off occurrence?
« Reply #75 on: 01/08/2015 01:16:45 »
The entanglement spectrum is part of nature. It is known to exist by modern science. It is being harnessed for use in technologies which may become available to you and I in the near future. However, long before that, perhaps even before the big-bang, nature has ‘used’ entanglement for, among other things, the implementation of individuality in living entities.
Think of it this way…Essentially, you have or own a part of the QE spectrum. This part, your QEF is all yours and it will always belong to you. Don’t panic this is not a mystical statement; it is a scientifically plausible premise. It is as if your individuality was defined by a unique band of FM-frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum (EMF). Any host (radio) that tuned in your EMF would instantiate you, that is to say, establish your being your position-of-view (POV) your presence as a solution of state in this space-time. Thereby tethering you to this particular host (radio/body). Dispense with any notion of personality, or behavior or memories or such of past instantiations (lives). These all extinguished along with any former hosts you may have had. The Monogamy of Entanglement is the property of the QE spectrum which maintains individuality. For interested readers I recommend that you research the general concept of; Monogamy of Entanglement;
In nature it is the QE spectrum that assumes this role. Your QEF is an aspect or degree-of-freedom of the QE spectrum (similar to frequency) and is relativistically unconstrained (does not need comets or spacecraft to lumber through space-time) and implements your individuality in any viable form that emerges anywhere in this universe. This is essentially a form of coherent state information transference or natural teleportation see the links below for these general concepts.


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