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Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (POIS)

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Vincent M:
Yeah Demo you're right POIS isn't anaphylactic shock. I was just tryin to to think outside the box cuz I thought perhaps POIS is a mild form of anaphylactic shock, but I was way off target. And yeah epinephrine is extremely dangerous and possibly fatal if you don't need it.


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Why certain things like caffeine...help me?

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Caffeine and ADHD-stimulants like Ritalin help me, too. Other people here have reported adverse effects. I can't wait to get my hands on some solid NORD Research to shed more serious light on this pathetic routine of ours called POIS!

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I actually could not fall asleep at all last night and I took some Goody's headache relief medication found at wal-mart at around 6 in the morning.  It contains caffeine and aspirin.  And what do you know I fell fast asleep and the ache in my head was gone.  I had such a good 3 hours rest after that and actually felt tired and had a pleasant dream, + the fog in my head was gone.  I might try it daily.  I think my body might actually need caffeine to function at full capacity without the aches, pain, anxiousness in my head.  That medication actually really helped my POIS.

Vincent M:

--- Quote from: DrDemasi on 14/10/2011 01:54:46 ---Hi,  I am an Australian medical researcher turned medical journalist with ABC TV and I am doing a documentary about sex/sexual function etc.  I am interviewing Dr Waldinger in the Netherlands about POIS and would like someone to talk about their experience with the condition.  Is that something you would be interested in?  If not, do you know anyone who would be willing to be a part of our science documentary exploring the condition & treatments? Are you based in Europe?
Dr Maryanne Demasi
ABC TV Australia

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Someone should definitely look into this. A documentary would help our cause enormously. When we see a new doctor we could just give them a recording of the documentary to watch if they've never heard of POIS I'm sure it'd be much easier for them than reading through the waldinger lab trials. Unfortunately I thought about it a lot and my social anxiety won't permit me to take part in one. Besides I'm not really an ordinary POIS case since I orgasm multiple times per day.

edit- also a documentary might hold a bit more weight than the tv episode Animus did on Strange Sex although I don't mean to belittle Animus's contribution in any way since it was still a huge step to get POIS on tv.


daveman, nordnurse, and I have made contact, VM. Thank you!

Vincent M:

--- Quote from: GoingCrazy on 14/10/2011 02:43:34 ---
I believe and I hope that POIS is a lot simpler than what we make of it, at least my pois.  Why certain things like caffeine and nutmeg help me?  Possible over-inflammation?  I hope so.  Sounds a lot better than a sperm allergy. 

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I agree that inflammation probably causes most of our symptoms, however I now believe (as many of us here have) this inflammation stems from an allergic reaction to our sperm and semen. This theory makes more sense to me now that all the things that I take to reduce my POIS symptoms are well known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

I drink green tea to reduce my symptoms, but I take fenugreek with it and believe the tea merely enhances the effect of the fenugreek somehow. Perhaps some of the benefit comes from the caffeine, but I used to drink green tea by itself with almost no noticeable effect on my symptoms.


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