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Author Topic: Naked particles -- Strong /weak force -- aren't they they same?  (Read 532 times)

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Are the strong and the weak forces opposing forces revolving around one principle or polar opposites?


The strong is what binds a nucleus together and the weak is tries to break it apart.

Seems we're viewing two ends of a spectrum that's only one force.
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Quote from: JoeBrown
Are the strong and the weak forces opposing forces?
They are not in opposition. The weak force affects particles like the neutrino that do not respond to the strong force.

For particles which respond to both the strong and the weak force, the strong force dominates most of their interactions.

Are the strong and the weak forces ... revolving around one principle?
There are unified theories which look at the common principles of electromagnetism, strong force and weak force (but not as yet gravity).

It is thought that at extremely high energies, these forces become a single force - but this requires energies that are inaccessible with our most powerful tools (eg the LHC).

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