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Author Topic: Should Educational Tour be banned as part of School Activities?  (Read 488 times)

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Having Educational Tour was banned from being part of students' activities because of the threats it poses to the participants. But is it really necessary to remove it just because of some accidents that happened to other school who organized their tour?


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Welcome to the world of health and safety! Actually, the guidelines are sensible for the most part, but what goes wrong is people's interpretations of those guidelines, which tend to throw out common sense and push pusillanimity to the max...

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An educational tour of what?
The local zoo, or a live volcano?
What you need to look at is a risk-benefit analysis.

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Life is risky. Past experience suggests all life ends in death. The trick is to defer it for as long as possible. Education helps towards that goal. Educational trips are an important part of that.

As Bored Chemist points out the risks and benefits needs to be assessed on a case by case basis.

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Kids will do dumb things. It doesn't matter where, if they end up dead. But the survivors will learn a lot more if it isn't in their own village. 

Assuming "education" doesn't include exposure to a known lethal endogenous disease or actual warfare, it is reasonable to assume that what is considered safe for the natives is safe for visitors. On the other hand there's a good reason why the few inhabitants of Spitzbergen carry rifles.

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