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Author Topic: Why do humans die?  (Read 332 times)

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Why do humans die?
« on: 11/06/2016 01:25:07 »
Is there a scientific basis in human immortality? Many religions will tell you that immortality is a possible thing.

So, are humans "programmed" to become mortal beings, through imperfection of human knowledge, our behaviors and our lifestyles?

I believe genes are immortal, but our environment is impeding the biological immortality by disrupting their functions.

In the future, could humans correct this imperfection through gene therapy to become immortal? Or is biological immortality just a dream ?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Why do humans die?
« Reply #1 on: 11/06/2016 09:34:09 »
We looked recently at what it takes to save a life. This goes some of the way towards addressing the question of why we die. We also explore ways in which to preserve people indefinitely...

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Re: Why do humans die?
« Reply #1 on: 11/06/2016 09:34:09 »


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