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Author Topic: I visually ''see'' a beam of light in different time dimensions?  (Read 2058 times)

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Quote from: TheBox
From every point of the beam I receive Photons to my eyes that show the laser beam in differential time dimensions?

If the photon is deflected by a dust particle, it will not arrive in the main beam.

You will see photons deflecetd from the beam arriving with different phases, because there has been a different time in flight from the time it left the laser beam.

But if you really want to see the time delay, you need to modulate the beam in some way, which lets you measure the time delay since the beam was emitted.

Modern cellphones do this - the signal from the base station is often reflected from multiple buildings in the city, and arrives at your cellphone with different delays. The phone measures these individual delays, and creates a filter to add them all up with different delays to extract the best overall signal from the jumbled signal it receives.
in differential time dimensions?
Yes, the photons arrive with different delays. But time is just one dimension.
Yes, the photons arrive from different directions. But space is just 3 dimensions (or simplified to 2 dimensions in the diagram).

PS: Congratulations Mr Box on the diagram in the OP - it is a rare privilege to see a diagram that bears some relationship to the accompanying text!

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