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Author Topic: Stellar Metamorphosis, a new theory of stellar evolution/planet formation  (Read 319 times)

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I know I'm a dissident and people here will have serious issues with this, but its too good to share. In this video my friend in the UK has made a graphics video showing the entire evolutionary path of a star according to an alternative stellar evolution model. It shows the star as young and hot when its born, expanding out significantly to lose heat, then beginning to gravitationally collapse while it loses mass eventually solidifying into a rocky "planet".

For those who don't know. I HAVE taken physics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology in college. I am not an idiot, but lets be real here. Just because you don't have a myopic PhD in a specific field does not mean you can't understanding angular momentum or the gas laws as they apply to the combustion of fuel in a turbojet engine. Those things are elementary. The ideal gas law isn't "ideal", I get it. I get how iron needs refractory material to block heat loss, I get how voltage times amperage equals power (in watts). Do not patronize me. I've had five years of it. I've learned how "educated" people do business in online forums.

If you want to call me names or other things, do not waste your time. I will ignore you, just like the hundreds of others who disagree.


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I'm afraid the video doesn't play for me.

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I can't play the video either.

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I think it's a problem with the site... If you "quote" the post you will find the URL for the vid, which I have also added here:

https: //

(just delete the space between : and /)

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