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Author Topic: Is science replacing religion?  (Read 3097 times)

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Re: Is science replacing religion?
« Reply #25 on: 09/10/2016 17:28:07 »
Quote from: Semaphore
we're just one stage removed from animals and we're still trying to throw off our bestial nature.
I agree - most human problems are internal, at their basis.

"democracy and human rights and justice and equality" generally change our outward environment.

Some of these things can help reduce inequality, which it has done in Nordic countries; but not nearly as much in the USA, for example.

They don't address the inner cause of most of our problems.

We've invented ... science and a host of other things that make us more civilised
The real explosion since Galileo has been in the "hard" sciences - physics, astronomy, chemistry, geology, medicine, imaging, mechanical, civil, electrical and aerospace engineering, etc. This has been assisted (and enabled, in many cases) by rapid developments in computing.

Medicine has helped us live longer, and less troubled by pain.

The most successful medical advance has been plumbing, which became fairly effective in the Roman era, and even more effective with the application of the steam engine. This has done more to help human health than most medical endeavours, but it's hardly modern.

But none of these really address the inner beast.

For these you must look to the "soft" sciences - psychology, sociology, economics, etc.

For Psychology, we are still very much in the infancy phase, with theories in the last century driven mainly by guesses and hypotheses, with little objective information until the development of Functional MRI - and it's still a fairly coarse tool, unable to resolve volumes smaller than millions of neurones, or timescales faster than a second.

We still have the problem that even today, most experimentally verified psychology is actually based on a study of first year university students. They are forced to participate to pass their course. This has resulted in psychology becoming a WEIRD science - it is very much the study of Western, Educated, and from Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic countries. This is hardly representative of the human population.

Economics is still very much a black art. Everyone hangs on every word from the US Reserve about their guesses this month. And economists try to predict the reactions of other people who have also studied economics - a situation very likely to produce chaotic behaviour!

But most of our problems are still driven by human greed. It is said that if you want to find the cause of something, follow the money. Certainly large amounts of advertising money have managed to stall any progress on major scientific findings in several important cases.

So it's not surprising that it was a religious figure who commented that "the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil".

Nice post.

One of the problems with economics is that human behaviour has an unfortunate habit of interfering with the best laid plans. Look at Brexit, who anticipated that result? Markets depend on people being rational which they're not.

To greed I'd add power - maybe they're two sides of the same coin. Just look at the 2-dimensional people who run for public office.

I love your last sentence. How much is the Vatican worth? How much wealth did the monasteries accumulate? The religions lust for power and money just like the sinners they condemn.

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Re: Is science replacing religion?
« Reply #26 on: 11/10/2016 00:25:55 »
Quote from: thedoc
David asked the Naked Scientists:
   Is Science replacing Religion as a new means of belief?

In other words, Science proving religion has no place in regards to life, the planet and the Universe?


Is religions only purpose and function based on the belief of an after-world as a way of softening the prospect of death? (although, I believe it is more to do with social control of a large population).
What do you think?
No. Science is not replacing religion. It simply can't do that. They each address very difference aspects of the human condition. The purpose of science is to provide a description of nature while the purpose of religion is to provide answers to the meaning of life, to attend to spirituality, etc.

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Re: Is science replacing religion?
« Reply #27 on: 12/10/2016 12:55:55 »
The world-wide occurrence of religion suggests that it confers a significant evolutionary advantage
Pascal Boyer argues that it parasitizes systems that are of evolutionary advantage rather than being of any advantage itself. It's quite an interesting read. [nofollow]

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Re: Is science replacing religion?
« Reply #28 on: 15/10/2016 14:22:17 »
   Science uses experimental data to verify theories that match the data. In this way many scientists can agree that the particular theory is plausible. Where did the theory come from? It came from the inner mind of a particular individual. Religious theories also come from the same place. Often it is the result of extreme stress or drugs. The religious theory is then brought to some people who see the truth in it. Then it is sold to the masses who are taught from early childhood and often from the mother's womb. Then they grow up and preach the same theory. Other then mythological books there is no proof to the original theory.
   I make religious theories and many are quite possible. However all these theories are subjective. There is no way to measure them so that everyone can get a consensus of opinion. So as we search for truth religions tend to fade away. This leaves future man alone without a God. The simple solution is that God is a collective intelligence and we are individual intelligence. As the universe came to be at big bang, homogeneous intelligence (God) became heterogeneous intelligence (man and life). Ultimately we search for the God that was. We are the ultimate form of God today.
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Re: Is science replacing religion?
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