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Author Topic: Can I tell the colour of a star, if I have the u,g,r,i,z, colour index?  (Read 214 times)

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So I have the Colour spectral breakdown of a number of stars (sdss data) and I was hoping there was a technique or process I can conduct/run in order to tell the actual appearance (as it might seem to someone viewing them), as it might seem to an observer? an example of one of the lines/observations is:
ra                     dec                           u         g                  r         I                 z
2.111125647   -0.935711213   22.04581   21.63591   21.73088   21.47245   21.43542.

Anybody who as any kind of experience dealing with this data, I'd be genuinely delighted to hear from, or in fact,
anybody who as any thoughts at all on it!
Thanks in advance,


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