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Author Topic: Do you discuss with yourself mentally?  (Read 175 times)

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Do you discuss with yourself mentally?
« on: 12/10/2016 11:11:57 »
For me the process of thinking and meditating is a continuous dialogue with myself. My consciousness is having the absolute authority over my actions and thoughts. I like to define this behavior as "conscious freedom", because I believe my mind is free and not mentally alienated by religion or any brainwashing. However, i do fear the effects of being on antipsychotic drugs long enough to lose this ability of discussing with my consciousness. If what I describe is being defined as schizophrenia, then fine, I'm a proud schizophreniac!


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Re: Do you discuss with yourself mentally?
« Reply #1 on: 12/10/2016 13:49:33 »
The human psyche has two centers of consciousness. One center is connected to our unconscious mind and our natural instincts; inner self. The other center is connected to our conscious mind; ego. The inner self is what animal have and is the primary center since it came first. The ego is unique to humans and is relatively new in terms of evolution; secondary.

As an example of both in action, if you were walking down a country road, day dreaming, and one of your friends jumped out from behind a tree to scare you, the primary center; inner self and instinct, will cause you react; jump, before your ego is fully aware of the situation. The difference may only be a split second. The two centers is what makes this funny and embarrassing to the ego. The primary center or inner self, may induce the ego to react in ways that it would prefer censor with a social mask; inner self might make him scream like a little girl.   

Culture is usually unconscious of the primary center; inner self, simply because we don't regularly scare people from behind trees, enough times for people to see this difference. It takes practice to differentiate the inner self. This is also connected to culture, which prefers to keep the inner self unconscious in the masses; taboo connection to insanity. This is also connected to the needs of developing the secondary, since it is very new in evolutionary terms. Taboo and social convention does not neutralize the inner self. Rather, this will cause it to project, outside itself, onto the cultural superego. The inner self makes one more self reliant, via a foundation of instinct; pioneer. Whereas social dependency works better if the inner self is projected onto the collective psyche; super ego.

This is where religion comes in. Religions will also define a projection schema for the inner self. The difference is it will not attribute the principle of the inner self, to man, but to something more fundamental and abstract; inner voice, inner child, inner man.

As far as discussion things with yourself, this is a natural part of the relationship between the ego and inner self. The inner self has access to the mainframe parts of the brain, while the ego is more like a terminal. The relationship allows the ego more access. Between the two centers, are what I call personality firmware. These are programs of the brain that are genetically based, but which are influenced/programmed by our interaction with reality.

For example, we all have the animal instinct to eat; inner self. The ego is a product of its environment. The result is the ego will direct its sensory systems and sensory input data, based on culture, to help to program the growing firmware. The result is each culture will define what we eat and enjoy. All animals have a favorite food, too, based on its environment.

There are different levels of firmware, with each level designed for different tasks. The trick with using the inner self and firmware, to make sure you are using the right firmware for the task at hand. If not, the result will be compelling, but misleading.

For example, there are firmware of relationship and firmware of meaning. The first; relationship, is older and is designed for how natural human relates to other humans and other life forms; animals and plants. These firmware, like all firmware, are programed by the focus of the ego and culture. It can cause us to relate with love or bigotry.

The firmware of meaning is different, because it is not processing data based on how human relate, but on the things function by themselves apart from how they relate. We know the sun is the center of the solar system; relationship. But the sun can also be analyzed as a separate thing apart from this.

As an example of using these two different firmware for the same task, some people may have a very specific way they arrange all the items in the cupboard. The sugar is always in one spot, the salt is over there with the labels pointing forward. This is an example of the firmware of relationship being used. This firmware impels one to set up a hierarchal relationship between objects. This will feel right since it is proper in terms of the firmware.

If one was using the firmware of meaning, with the same object data, their system of organization may be more in flux, based on some form of logic, such as seasonal trends in the foods, filling in space, or random for creative cooking. Both firmware will organize the same cupboard data in different ways. Deep down both feel conviction, yet which is right? It all depends which firmware the collective herd decides is the firmware to be used for this task.

In politics in the USA, the political divide is between using the firmware of relationship and firmware of meaning to define social issues. Gossip appeals more to the rules of how human relate to each other. It is better if we all get along and not create friction. Those using the firmware of meaning, may conclude that whether one swears or not, will not impact their ability to do a job, since there is no logical connection between any  word and the skill needed to swing a hammer. But if the firmware of relationship is dominant, illogical connections between form and function can be defined, based on the ideal relationship of the group.

Thinking out of the box may be consistent with the rules of logic. But if you are discussing this with people who are using firmware of relationship, they will opt for the prestige of inside the box, since this relationship firmware mojo decides hierarchy for how old things need to socially relate to new things; in the cupboard.

It is not always easy to shift or be aware of which firmware one is using, internally, unless one differentiates the firmware and learns how to use each within the range of its optimized task. This takes practice. Relationship firmware is best in human relationships where irrationality and feelings are involved. It is not optimize to deal with logical things, as well as firmware of meaning.

A good example is, logically there are difference between people, so we can never be all equal based on logical criteria. On the other hand, the ideal social relationship would have all people the same so there is less strife and jealousy. To make this a reality, we may need to ignore the logical result of the firmware of meaning. This can be done by making feeling more important, because feeling is the way you trigger the firmware of relationship and shut off the firmware of meaning.
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Re: Do you discuss with yourself mentally?
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