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Author Topic: What's the change ratio ?..Oxygen in...Carbon Dioxide out yes ?  (Read 2740 times)

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My Daughty learned at school that we breathe in Oxygen and breathe out Carbon Dioxide yes ?

Can you tell me what the actual transformation change is ?....cos she went to ask me the what I thought was a clever question !! does resuscitating someone work if you're breathing out Carbon Dioxide ?...I said it wasn't a complete change but I knew someone who  did.. ie: YOU LOT !!

so...spill the beans and let loose some breathing facts will you ?

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I never thought about that before..Perhaps its because it has not left our mouth yet.. ummm interesting! Yes I would like to know that too as at what point after or before exit does it become carbon dioxide?? OOOh I am confused what a good point she makes..
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You don't use all the oxygen taken in when breathing as a percentage is also breathed out with some carbon dioxide.

And, its the build up of carbon dioxide in the lungs that triggers the breathing reflex.

Oh yes, and its bad to hold your breath for too long!  ;D


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When you breathe, you do not transform all of the oxygen you breathe in into carbon dioxide, only a (small) part of it.
You can breathe out in a paper bag, breathe the same air in and out again and again quite a number of times.  In fact, this is what they do if someone starts "hyperventilating".
So, if you are resuscitating someone with the air from your own lungs, it will contain 4/5 or more of the oxygen you have breathed in.

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