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Author Topic: As hair is made of dead cells, does hair loss suggest less cell death?  (Read 5109 times)

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ok, as we get older our hair starts receeding and the growth slows down. But hair is made of keratin, which is dead cells. so if our hair stops growing does that mean our cells have topped dying?

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Gee there's a lot of questions about hair loss! Get on newbielink: [nonactive] they have all the answers.

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The hair itself is 'dead' but the hair follicle is very much alive.. well, until it isn't.. then, once the last hair has reached the end of its cycle there will be no starting of a new cycle..  and so it goes.

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I find rubbing into hair a good cure for something, I'm just not too sure what though.

Seriously though, I do recall an article which suggested that cocky cack (chicken sh1t) was found to have some effect on hair growth. Proably wouldn't do much for your social standing though.

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