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Author Topic: Water Of The Earth.....Is it Constant or Changing in Quantity ?  (Read 2736 times)

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(Small Talk Mode).....How are you ?..I'm fine  !..a bit tired..hope you're well !!

Is the amount of water in/on the Earth changing in quantity at all ?

At one point there was none yes ? we have icy places...liquidy places and gassy places too !!

Does any evaporate out to space ?...if so there a mechanism which replaces it ?

whajafink ?


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This is actually more of a planetary science/astronomy question.  I believe that most of the water came from outer space, in the form of meteors and comets.


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Correctamundo, Dr.D. - There are enough icy meteorites falling into (or hitting, however you wish to word it) to raise sea level about an inch a year.

I know I read this on the NASA site (100% sure)and I think I also recall a reference to it in an article on the rates of sediment formation in (I think) the Journal of Sedimentary Petrology (10-15% sure)??? but my memory is full of holes.

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So are you asking, when it evaporates here does it go further up into the atmosphere then just the clouds?

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