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Author Topic: why does milk come out of your nose when you laugh whilst drinking?  (Read 13232 times)

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If you are having a drink of milk, or something else, why does it pour out of your nose if someone makes you laugh?


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When you laugh while drinking, the milk might get brought to the back of the mouth and then get pushed through your nasal cavity with your exhaled breath. Er, well, it makes sense the way I'm thinking of it, but I don't think I've explained it properly.

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not just milk... try it with pepsi! that hurts!!

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not just milk... try it with pepsi! that hurts!!

Soda does hurt like that! I have never had milk do that..I think Stefan's explanation is good enough..LOL Makes sence to me!


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It's just because you're sloppy!
I think it could come out around your eyes too; if I hold my nose , close my mouth and blow, hard  I can feel air coming out around my eyeball. I have never mentioned this to anyone before - am I odd  (only in that way, I mean)?
Now, if you could make it come out of your ears. . . .
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Yes, i have seen a man cry milk! but only on TV.

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