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Re: Useless Facts
« Reply #25 on: 20/09/2004 19:05:25 »
I think it is important to remember that a female ferret will die, even if she does have sex.

But here's a really useless fact: An egg boiled for 5 minutes at 14,000 feet altitude is still slightly underdone.

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Re: Useless Facts
« Reply #26 on: 21/09/2004 20:55:57 »
Not so useless if you are camping at altitude and your eggs happen to be contaminated with some nasty bug of some sort.

John - The Eternal Pessimist.

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Re: Useless Facts
« Reply #27 on: 24/09/2004 01:19:19 »
I read today that if you "expel gas" for 6 years and 9 months you have released the amount gas that would equal a nuclear bomb.  Who figures that stuff out?

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Re: Useless Facts
« Reply #28 on: 15/04/2005 03:17:49 »
Originally posted by Supercryptid

A female ferret will die if it doesn't have sex? That doesn't make much sense. What would cause that, a heart attack or something?

It's not that they die if they don't have sex.  It's that they die if they don't conceive.

The ferret equivalent of what women go through every month causes enough blood loss that they die from aplastic aneamia (sp?).

My wife (my first wife, the "practice" wife) and I used to keep ferrets and that's the explanation we got from the breeder who sold us our first (neutered) female ferret.

They are, by the way, lovely pets that have been domesticated longer than have cats.  If you can imagine, roughly, a cat that never grows out of kittenhood, that's a ferret.  They also tolerate being caged, indeed, they need a place to retreat to, so they make wonderful pets for working stiffs who can't have a pet running loose all day and don't have time to spend on walkies.  They sleep 16 hours a day and bond very closely to humans.

The only real downside is that every ferret will bite you once.  They seem to learn how hard "play" biting is by to bite too hard and wait for their playmate to bite back (or swat).  That's a little hard on ferret owners who won't "bite back" so to speak as the little things never really learn the limits.

L. Lisov

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Re: Useless Facts
« Reply #28 on: 15/04/2005 03:17:49 »


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