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Author Topic: Heard of Genetix Program?????????  (Read 6265 times)


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Heard of Genetix Program?????????
« on: 05/06/2007 00:31:22 »
I have started seeing a few hits about the Genetix Program for weight loss.  It says that it is doctor and counselor ran, but I am not able to find a whole bunch of information about this.  Their website says that they use behavior modification with using no pills, special foods ect, but do want you to exercise and eat according to what they tell you you should.  You are suppose to have DAILY contact with your team in fact it is a requirement.  Has anyone heard of this?????

Thanks,  Kari

Karen W.

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Heard of Genetix Program?????????
« Reply #1 on: 05/06/2007 01:17:14 »
Welcome to the site I know nothing about this method of weight loss but in the zeta forum there have been many using several methods to loose you might make another post there and some may read who know something also!

I hope you enjoy the site.. my weight loss stats are there in the Zeta thread and pictures in the gallery of rogues above the Zeta thread! Good luck..


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Heard of Genetix Program?????????
« Reply #2 on: 23/06/2007 14:30:06 »
Hey there,

Glad to see another Genetix Program alumni.  Of course I've heard of the program.  The company I work for (GE) has hired the Genetix Program services for our entire office staff.  There have been about 18 people on my floor who is doing it including me.  It's crazy, we're like all losing weight together really really fast.

Who's your counselor.  We work with Samantha.  She is AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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Heard of Genetix Program?????????
« Reply #3 on: 23/06/2007 22:01:59 »
Have heard of it now! Not sure what to think!

Eat well and excercise. If you do, then surely that is behavioural modification!


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