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Author Topic: Atheist Justice Degenerates, Dawkins, New Age Karl Marx.  (Read 8281 times)


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Atheist Justice Degenerates, Dawkins, New Age Karl Marx.
« Reply #25 on: 11/06/2007 13:53:06 »
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Quote from: jolly on 09/06/2007 23:03:41
Well if you think you have never sinned thats fine, Not my job to judge you but really do you even know how many ways there are to sin? Envy is a sin for example, you saying you never felt envious of someone else?

Be it o.k or not you really have no place to judge anyone!

to have sinned i must first believe in god, yet not all religions believe in sin. why should i be envious of anyone? i have a daughter who i love and loves me back, health, happiness...

No sorry but crimes be they of religious or human origin are crimes! And ultimately saying I do not believe in god and therefore, I have a loop hole within which I can avoid sining, is incorrect as weather you believe in god or not, should god exsist, there is no loophole!

No loophole? What if you've never heard of God or Jesus? There must be millions of Chinese who haven't.

In Revelation he gets booted again. And rages on earth, I think it's now.

Booted again? So when was he let back in?

Who posted/said that?

I believe 1 of the 10 commandments is "Thou shalt not kill". Hmmm, looks like God broke his own commandment, doesn't it. Oh, of course, that was "slaughter"; a totally different thing - more akin to genocide.

Speaking of the 10 commandments...

"You shall have no other gods before me." - He didn't say there are no other Gods.

" shall not bow down to them or serve them; for I the LORD your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me" - Jealousy, vindictiveness, infanticide. Plus he said "...a jealous God". If he were the only 1 then simply saying "I get jealous" would suffice. By saying "...a jealous God" he is inferring that there are other Gods who do NOT get jealous.

Let's face it, either God had a personality change between the OT & the NT or it's a different God. Or (dare I suggest?) the whole thing is a load of old cods!

You clearly dont get it, though other god do not exsist people in there freedom do make stuff up and follow all sorts of things, The point being there is only one!
But you can, if you choose say this twig I hold is a god or something, or put money at the top of your agenda and therefore money becomes your god as it becomes the thing you consider most important!

The commandment ´thou shall have no gods before me´- really means, you should put nothing above God!

As as for thou shall not kill, God has killed no-one, as the spirit remains awaiting judgment! as is says ´the dead shall rise to be judged!´

Who are you anyway to judge God? You are accusing God of breaking the commandments! No sorry you are calling God a mass murderer!- genocide?

I would suggest you tread more cafefully with things you fail to understand!


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Atheist Justice Degenerates, Dawkins, New Age Karl Marx.
« Reply #26 on: 11/06/2007 21:59:07 »
Christendom has been a great foundation of civilization, faulted leaders yes, but the rigid Bible benevolent and wise.

Rome was a briliiant civilization with laws and rights... but also the violence and unstable government, and Nero the psychopath.

What would we have now if all we had was Mars, Bacchus, Jupiter, Atheism, Odinne...?

Karl Marx grew and thought in a society much influenced by Jesus Christ. Socialists apologise saying, in Hungary, that his ideas weren't all bad, they even resemble Jesus ideas.

I see that, even Solomon wrote that he prayed as wisdom, not to have too much or too little. For relationship, nice.

But we see in Marx applied that the principles were called "social" but Russia was not according to and isn't a principled people now, after decades of forced atheism.

They lost their motivation and there principles. Have other drives. Look at sex there now. And the old Russian and Romanian orphanages. Stalin's five days of anarchy.

Even though the Bible was not an economics book, better economy and workers rights and people's welfare comes from it's adherents and those influenced by it.

Paul the apostle gently pushed away slavery and encouraged charity form region of plenty to drought... little things.

Marx overlooked the economy. And the source of principle and motivation to be principled as for social welfare.

Was Marx trying to look beyond materialism?

I then write that we must be careful of Dawkins, a new age Karl Marx and the possible degeneration of moral and just principles and drives to accord them. Atheist sure have fun sometimes but they really aren't out to be benevolent. It is spiritual and sometimes religious people who want more than pleasures and self interest.

Atheism is like a Chameleon, in the ages, but what if the Chameleon determines it's own colour?

Atheism has had moral benifits too! Not all atheists are immoral! anymore than all religious people good!

Good and bad morally speaking come on both sides of the border!

Dawkins said he´s an ´atheist for Jesus´! Religion has different concerns to atheism, but both have moral codes: Marx wrote very morally about equality from an athestic position!

But todays world really considers neither type of morality, everything is subserviant to the market and making money!
Profit is the master of todays world and anything that gets in it way must be removed! Everything is scaraficed to that end! and that really is utterly evil! GREED! and its banded as an inherent good! Which clearly is not the case!

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Atheist Justice Degenerates, Dawkins, New Age Karl Marx.
« Reply #27 on: 13/06/2007 15:29:02 »
Other gods are man made, mythology, or God in another form.

Slaughter is not murder, murder is hateful.

Elohim Noah's day does the flood in anger with such as rape and murder. For the love of mankind and our future, even those who died, Elohim had to kill the race off because the promise was that Eve's descendant would be victorious over Satan who had deceived and instilled, murder, adultery, fornication, theft... in our race in Eve. Not only the mentioned sins, but death, and humiliation.

Through the flood, Noah and Mary, came Jesus victor over sin and death. I take it this faith we have to you like Paul, is a hypothesis.

Without the flood, we would be bodily part angel of darkness, under warlords and products of, also, in a culture of rape and violence with no hope. So Mary instead and Europe... is better.

Now when a Dr has to choose between one of two Siamese twins, is that murder? It happens!

Also mother or child? Old debates.

Slaughter is sometimes acceptable. For one in office.

God is perfect, no mistakes, just a powerful opponent exists. Like we are Lois Lane, in the hands of Lex Luthor or another, and God is like superman.

Jealousy if normal and sometimes good. Vindictiveness is good if not spiteful, so our courts and the varying degrees on sentences is good. In Sydney we appreciate our police.

Sin comes after God, and is designed to appeal to us and revile God. We have an enemy, so in times of Satan's strength, sin had to be dealt with strongly. No idols, they kill love for God and lose His ways set for us. No murder and adultery, they kill people and cause harm to us and revulse God. Especially in God's people who had the commands and promise of a redeemer.

God wanted a word made flesh of Israel, not from adultery...

God made us and knows what is good and what we are for. Adultery... are new, unclean ideas, destroying love, friendship, honour, trust, holiness, and is unjust. It harms life itself.

Genocide? Didn't a WW1 Dr sometimes have to cut off a leg from the knee down...? Before better treatment. Amor had to go.

We are to be loving after the likeness of Jesus, and love honour like Jesus... not become alike Satan and be mastered by sin, and become his children authored in sin and sharing destiny apart from God.

Satan was cast out, but in Job revisits. God's anger is short and even He does not needlessly kill dark angels. In Revelations the accuser is cast out again. It goes on.

Do you guys break any of the ten commands? Hard to be fathered by God if sin is so easy and salvation is rejected.
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Atheist Justice Degenerates, Dawkins, New Age Karl Marx.
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