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Author Topic: How did honey dripping from a picture of some guy in India make me so happy now?  (Read 2873 times)

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I went to a place in Milipitas, California and they had a picture of this guy from India dressed in a yellow outfit.  The picture was dripping some stuff that tasted like honey.  I took some and now I feel like I can not stop laughing and I am so happy.  How did this happen?  How could someone all the way in India make honey come out of the hands of a picture? The stuff was flowing into little bowls.  I feel like a different person and it has been many months and I am still happy.  Am I going to stay like this permanently?  I think I would like to. 


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Are you referring to the Dalli Lama ( sorry for spelling) surely not, or that other fellow who is traveling around the world supposedly creating miracles and blessing people with *whatever their needs are?* I have heard something about this fellow, but cannot recall, and do not know the validity of the claims or remember what or who they said he was..

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I think that this is spam.  There are very similar messages posted on other bulletin boards and a bit of quick Google research does not produce any corroboration of the information.

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