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Author Topic: Balancing equations!!!  (Read 3577 times)

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Balancing equations!!!
« on: 22/04/2004 15:57:26 »
Hey there all!!

Ive got to say whether the following pairs of substances react with each other, saying wots the best reducing/oxidising agent and then i have to write a balanced equation.

a. Ag+ and Fe
b. Fe2+ and Mg
c. Zn2+ and Sn
d. V2+ and Li

Im pretty sure that a., b. and d. will react and c. will not. The main problem i always have is balancing the equation. Any help would be VERY helpfull!!!!!  :)



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Re: Balancing equations!!!
« Reply #1 on: 22/04/2004 16:55:00 »
Hi there jdfan (i wonder who that could be!!!) lol

Well as much as i would love to help you I am just as stuck on that one, the equation for number 2 is fairly straightforward but i think the first one may be half Ag in the first part as the Fe has 2 electrons....but think it best to leave it up to the experts!!!

So lets hope somebody replies fairly quickly.


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Re: Balancing equations!!!
« Reply #2 on: 23/04/2004 08:41:58 »
I think you will need to know their electrode protential to determine there a spontaneous reaction will occur.


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Re: Balancing equations!!!
« Reply #3 on: 23/04/2004 22:46:09 »
Angel's exactly right...without knowing reactivity (from the action potentials you'd find in a reference) you can't say wether or not the reaction will occur spontaneously.  

As far as balancing them goes, you just need to add electrons to each side of the reaction to balance the charges.  For instance, in your first reaction, if it occurs:

2Ag+ + 2e- + Fe(s) -> 2Ag(s) + Fe2+ + 2e-

Note that this is assuming Iron (II) ion.  The action potential for Iron (III) is different.  

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Re: Balancing equations!!!
« Reply #3 on: 23/04/2004 22:46:09 »


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