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Author Topic: melting rate of glacier ice, compared to regular ice from the freezer  (Read 1935 times)

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why would ice from a glacier melt slower than regular ice cubes if i put them in my drink? Or is someone telling me lies?



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Ice is ice is ice.

If ice contains air, then it might be that the air would slow down the melting of the ice - on the other hand, for a given volume of ice (as distinct from a given weight of ice), if the ice contains air, then it will have less actual water ice there to be melted.  Also, if the ice contains air, it will be lighter, and so float higher in the water, thus will have less contact area between it and the water (although this is only true insofar as the top layer of ice is concerned - and usually when you have ice in your drink, many of the cubes are pushed below the surface anyway).

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