02 June 2018

The message has always been clear: make sure to finish your full course of antibiotics. Or else?

15 March 2018

I often get a rock or a twig for my birthday. It probably sounds a bit odd, but you see, we lichenologists - people who...

21 December 2017

Research has revealed that our microbiome can fluctuate with the seasons.

27 April 2017

For some people the issue of vaccination isn’t about facts, it’s a matter of faith, and this unshakable belief has...

18 March 2017

Recent research into understanding how bacteria can influence human behaviour has led to the surprising conclusion that...

11 March 2017

Van Leeuwenhoek’s life is a great a scientific rags to riches story. Born in Delft, Holland, in 1632, he came from a...

03 February 2017

Understanding how bacteria communicate may help us overcome the widespread problem of antibiotic resistance.

18 January 2017

New research takes advances in the Alzheimer’s field and applies them to the field of infection biology to help combat...

17 January 2017

Is the antibiotic apocalypse here, and what can be done?

11 November 2016

Scientists have found a way of producing electricity and fuel for cars from bacteria and green algae.

03 October 2016

How circumcision cuts the risk of HIV infection and other diseases

14 December 2015

What goes into a standard vaccine, and how do we know they are safe?

29 October 2015

As well as unique fingerprints, we might be identifiable by a personalised bacterial cloud.

19 March 2015

Antibiotic resistance is a growing threat to the modern world, is there anything that can be done to avoid disaster?

12 July 2013

Can I catch infectious diseases from my dog? And can they catch infections from me?

07 November 2011

Dating codes are placed on food to indicate the food is safe to eat before this date. But how are these dates decided,...

25 February 2011

Microbial warfare is constantly happening all around us, and often humans can reap the benefits if the right bacteria...

26 January 2008

Just as winter follows summer, the chances are you'll catch a cold this winter - but what is the sticky stuff that...

21 April 2004

It's funny how the microscopic world of bacteria and viruses are so similar to the macroscopic world of human...