09 February 2017

Vegetables rejected by European shops for the way they look are being used as dinner ingredients in Kenya, in a bid to...

15 December 2016

European scientists are joining forces to find out more about the impact of common chemicals on human health, with the...

20 October 2016

Overfishing threatens more than 90 species in Europe with extinction. But it turns out fish farming can actually make...

10 October 2016

Would you eat insects to save the planet and improve your health?

28 July 2016

Researchers are looking into how life will change for people who live in the Arctic due to climate change.

11 July 2016

Can sunlight be used to cure as well as kill?

26 May 2016

Could we use nature’s own resources instead of pesticides to increase yields?

23 May 2016

Is it possible to prevent the ever increasing floods, or do we just have to learn to live with them?

07 January 2016

Scientists are using diamonds to uncover what makes up the earth's core.

23 July 2015

Scientists can now research and explore hidden corners of the world... with drones!

22 February 2014

UK Science Minister David Willetts promotes science diplomacy in Chicago...

23 January 2014

In the hearts of forests and jungles around the world there exist members of a feral strain of scientist who grew up on...

20 January 2014

The Polar icecaps are melting, but is the news all bad?

14 August 2012

Less than 5% of the nitrogen added to crops to feed animals ends up as meat in our mouths. The rest is wasted and...

18 February 2012

Ocean deadzones are triggered by nitrogen-fuelled bursts of microorganisms. So how does this happen and what can we do...

25 November 2011

Disruption of the nitrogen cycle can wreak havoc on ocean ecosystems for which oxygen is in short supply. Robin...

09 September 2011

Barnacles and mussels have an intimate relationship, but are they welcome house guests or uninvited squatters?

27 January 2011

As more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, the world's oceans become more acidic, affecting the...

14 December 2010

Plants and animals seem worlds apart, and indeed in many ways they are. Plants don’t eat anything more substantial than...

07 December 2010

Is earthquake prediction for California truly a problem beyond the powers of science, or is there something that...

15 August 2009

Swine flu, SARS, Bird Flu, HIV, Dengue, Hepatitis C, Ebola - the human race is awash with new infections - but where...

16 June 2008

The buzz of a bumblebee is one of the quintessential sounds of summer time. But this ‘slender sound’ and ‘faint...

19 January 2008

What's the evidence that the world's becoming a warmer place, or are claims of climate change quite literally...

22 December 2007

Snowflakes form when water vapour condenses directly into ice crystals, and for many years writers have used their...