14 April 2018

Our gene of the month is more at home at a rave than in a labUnlike most of our colourfully-named genes, this one was...

14 March 2018

A fiery gene that suppresses dwarves.

23 February 2018

A guide to the latest genome editing technology...

14 February 2018

A fruit fly gene named after a gentle giant.

22 January 2018

Why almost 90% of humans are right handed is a mystery. The hypothesis presented here is that having your heart on the...

14 January 2018

A master controller inspired by a computer game.

14 December 2017

This gene is larger than life

14 November 2017

Our Gene of the Month is in the pub already.

08 October 2017

This gene is up all night!

14 September 2017

A gene named after a mythical dog with multiple heads.

14 August 2017

Our gene of the month is all ears.

14 August 2017

Naked Scientist Kat Arney has written a new book about human genetics.

14 July 2017

Named after an expert swordsman

14 June 2017

It's time for our gene of the month, and this time it’s Methuselah.

14 May 2017

It’s time for our gene of the month - p53, also known as the Guardian of the Genome.

14 April 2017

Our gene of the month has a surprising superpower

12 February 2017

For centuries, people have wondered what happens to us after we die. While the question will likely remain one of the...

09 February 2017

In a world where data storage is becoming increasingly difficult, can we look within our own cells to find a solution?

22 January 2017

Decoding a fruit smoothie with a DNA sequencer.

26 November 2016

Think of the horsemeat scandal. Do the ingredients in your ready meal match the labelling? There is no better way to...

03 October 2016

Real life superheroes from the animal kingdom, and how they could help humanity.

24 March 2016

Is gluten really something we should all be cutting from our diets? And just what causes coeliac disease?

15 March 2016

A new way of looking at life considers it a set of self regulating chemical reactions.