25 July 2018

The impish smile and garrulous, back-slapping charm that soothes the most anxious patient...

18 July 2018

They aren’t what most people think they are, Human eyes...

12 July 2018

Research into the remarkable regenerative powers of worms and the insights they can give into battling diseases could...

05 July 2018

Bioinks containing stem cells are being used to 3D print living tissues that can be inserted into the body and provoke...

18 June 2018

Not all doom and gloom: new research offers a tantalising alternative to a lifetime’s consumption of pulses and avocado.

02 June 2018

The message has always been clear: make sure to finish your full course of antibiotics. Or else?

19 May 2018

In March 2011, my life took a turn when a simple blood sample would reveal whether or not I would have the rare,...

12 May 2018

Antidepressants have long been surrounded by controversy: are too many people taking them? Or are doctors too reluctant...

20 April 2018

Micro- and nano-robots built for medical purposes have the potential to venture deep within our bodies to repair damage...

09 March 2018

What is Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and how can we better monitor and treat it?

23 February 2018

A guide to the latest genome editing technology...

21 December 2017

Research has revealed that our microbiome can fluctuate with the seasons.

03 December 2017

Where is the HIV vaccine? It is a fair question, is it not?

01 December 2017

Is a cure for HIV on the horizon, and what does cure, in the context of HIV, really mean?

18 September 2017

Lively—almost childlike—the 70-year-old men skipped out of a monastery one fine morning. They’d just spent five days...

08 June 2017

Half of European adults are either overweight or obese. Many turn to self-help apps as a means to burn excess fat, but...

27 February 2017

Many of us are probably all too familiar with the looming dread that comes with the morning after a night of drinking....

21 February 2017

There's a pill that can prevent HIV: don't you think it should be available?

16 February 2017

There are important evolutionary reasons that explain the differences between men and women, and understanding them can...

22 January 2017

Decoding a fruit smoothie with a DNA sequencer.

18 January 2017

New research takes advances in the Alzheimer’s field and applies them to the field of infection biology to help combat...

17 January 2017

Is the antibiotic apocalypse here, and what can be done?

06 January 2017

Why this is one therapy that should be flushed down the lavatory...

06 January 2017

Real-time data from smokers’ brains could help them re-programme their minds and stub out cigarettes for good.